A Solar Donation University of Phoenix to the Boys and Girls Club – Pomona, California

The site is the Boys and Girls Club of Pomona Valley, and it’s Earth Day. There’s a special celebration for the new 5 kW solar system on its roof. University of Phoenix hired EcoMotion to design the initiative, locate suitable sites, and work with the select site through installation and commissioning. EcoMotion managed the process of selecting the recipient, the right roof and the right contractor for the job.

The select recipient was Pomona Valley. The University of Phoenix then donated the money for the system, managed by EcoMotion. Victor Caceres, Executive Director of the Pomona Valley Club, served as Master of Ceremonies of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, noting that the demonstration project will help educate future generations about their role in sustaining our natural resources, and that the club will benefit from monthly utility-bill savings for the next 25 years.