Burbank, Anaheim Contract with EcoMotion for Solar Validation Services


Contact: Virginia Nicols, Corporate & Community Relations, EcoMotion

(949) 450-7153, vnicols@ecomotion.us

Irvine, CA May 20, 2012


EcoMotion Adds New Verification Contract

Anaheim joins Burbank in Wanting EcoMotion Solar Expertise

Municipal utilities in California, like Burbank Water and Power and Anaheim Public Utilities, gives out thousands of dollars in incentives to residents who have installed solar systems on homes and businesses. The cities need to be sure that each system, as installed, qualifies for the rebate that was issued. That’s where EcoMotion comes in.

Since 2005, as part of Solar Santa Monica, EcoMotion has had the opportunity to analyze literally hundreds of rooftops before, during and after solar installations. This experience is unique in the small business consulting arena, and gives EcoMotion the credentials it needs to provide top-flight verification services.

As part of the process for Anaheim and Burbank, EcoMotion visits each site to determine if the solar installation:

  •  Is operating according to plan
  •  Is consistent with the details of the system that were approved (orientation, number of panels, panel manufacturer and capacity, etc.)
  •  Matches shading characteristics as included in the original performance calculations

EcoMotion develops customized forms and checklists to meet the cities’ documentation requirements.


EcoMotion, headquartered in Irvine, CA, provides business greening services including sustainability action plans, demonstration project management, and energy program design for organizations across the country. As independent “Owner’s Representative,” EcoMotion provides solar feasibility studies and solar project management for cities and corporations.