California’s Proposition 39 closed a tax loop-hole for out-of-state corporations. Half of its “revenues” are dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in K-12 schools and California community colleges. Through Prop 39 funding, EcoMotion generates win-win benefits for school districts and their gas, electric, and water utilities, while generating local jobs and creating public health benefits.

Our goal is to help California school districts get maximum savings from their Prop 39 allocations.

EcoMotion’s campus services takes “the hassle” away from school districts. Our experts working on multiple districts and in close communication with the California Energy Commission — handle the process, coordinate technical services, address the paperwork, provide quality control, and deliver dollar savings. Engineering support is provided by Henrikson Owen and Associates.

EcoMotion’s team serves as the honest broker in maximizing savings for your district. We do not favor specific technologies or distributors but work to find those that meet your district’s specific needs cost effectively. Best practices are shared, the benefits of aggregated projects realized, and success celebrated.

 Our Commitment

EcoMotion is committed to help school districts generate maximum annual savings and value. Our service includes objective short and mid-term energy planning, energy surveys and audits, detailed financial analyses, policy development, technical evaluations, project identification, oversight, quality control, reporting, and monitoring for five years. We offer eight key services:

Planning and Policy

  • Strategic meetings to explore unique situations and opportunities
  • Executive energy management policy discussions to leverage savings

 Technical Evaluation

  • Examination of district facilities and confer with facilities personnel
  • Review existing audits and surveys; determine requirements
  • Provide energy surveys, energy audits, remote data analytic services
  • Identify most suitable efficiency measures and renewable options

 Custom Energy Plans

  • Develop five-year “Smart Energy Management Plan” for district
  • Links with utility, state, and national energy efficiency programs
  • Expert assistance to leverage savings and third-party financing
  • Link activities with student engagement, community outreach

 Submittals for Funding over Five Years

  • Develop Energy Expenditure Plans for California Energy Commission
  • Provide benchmarking and energy intensity studies for all projects
  • Coordinates utility services and incentives to maximize project value

Contractor Solicitation and Selection

  • Develop scopes of services; customize/release RFQs and RFPs
  • Manage competitive contractor solicitation and selection processes
  • Negotiate pricing for vendor services on behalf of school districts

 Project Oversight; Quality Control

  • Provide continuous project oversight as owner’s representative
  • Quality control throughout the design/build/commission process

Public Relations and Celebrating Success

  • Determine best outreach strategies with district
  • Develop equivalent savings values: teacher salaries, teams fielded, etc.
  • Highlight student and community action, utility collaboration

Monitoring and Reporting Savings

  • Monitor savings for five years; flag anomalies for district
  • Reports savings to district and CEC for five years

Fee Structure

School districts compensate EcoMotion through the Energy Planning allocation provision used to fund the application and start-up process.

Working with EcoMotion, districts benefit from discounted pricing and a team of sophisticated energy managers that they could otherwise not afford. EcoMotion also offers some unbundled services.

In addition to energy savings, you reap “co-benefits” including:

Better learning environments

Cooler schools and playgrounds

Applied student and teacher learning

Clean-tech jobs in your community

Greater resilience in emergencies

Carbon savings and climate protection

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