Capital Group Companies – Irvine, California and San Antonio, Texas

The site is the headquarters campus of the Capital Group Companies in Irvine, California. EcoMotion served as “owner’s representative,” facilitating the development of the largest solar system installation in Orange County at that time. Management there recognized the tremendous value in its green leadership to employees and prospective employees. The system is just shy of one megawatt with a generating capacity of 993 kW, and is made up of 5,472 Kyocera panels. Mounted on existing rooftop shade structures on parking structures at the perimeter of the campus, the power is consolidated to provide nearly half the requirements of the company’s data center and central plant.

EcoMotion was also instrumental in literally getting Capital Group to the front of the line in Central Public Service’s feed-in tariff solicitation in San Antonio, Texas, ultimately scuttled due to a nuance in the property taxes related to solar installations generating power for off-site uses. EcoMotion continues to monitor the Orange County system and advise Capital Group officials on solar developments in its states of interest: California, Virginia, Indiana, and Texas.