EcoMotion has been at the forefront of PACE financing, and innovative turnkey services for cities and utilities.

EcoMotion recognizes the importance of financing to augment awareness about energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy systems. EcoMotion has spent years advocating utility on-bill financing, and more recently advocating PACE financing as a “game changer” for consumer investments in energy and carbon reductions.

EcoMotion designed the City of Palm Desert’s AB 811 program, the first program of its kind in the country, and a program that resonated with states coast to coast and consumers looking for dedicated financing at reasonable rates. For cities, PACE can be the most effective means of garnering emissions reductions, at a profit!

We then took Palm Desert’s Energy Independence Program north to Sonoma County where it quickly became the largest program nationwide.

EcoMotion also hosted — in partnership with the City of Palm Desert and the University of California at Riverside — two national conferences on PACE financing.


EcoMotion also offers a number of “turn-key” programs for cities and utilities. These can be implemented readily thanks to EcoMotion’s program tool-kit.

  • Solar Flags for Schools!
  • Equipment Trade-In Programs
  • Energy Efficiency Makeover Programs
  • Community Solar Plants

Engage your community and promote solar through a Solar Flag program in community schools. What about swapping out dangerous and inefficient lamps? Want to educate a million viewers about suitable efficiency retrofits? Is your community ready for a community “solar garden?” Is your city ready to redirect reserve funds – earning less than 2% – toward local 7% investments in efficiency and solar?

EcoMotion’s turn-key programs can be customized for your city, and your budget and your city.


EcoMotion’s Suite of Utility Programs and Services

Portfolio Assessment

  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Renewable energy programs and services

Strategic Planning and
Program Design

  • Facilitated processes
  • Policy recommendations

Program Implementation

  • Pilot and demonstration programs
  • Full-scale program administration

Quality Control

  • Tracking and Evaluation
  • Solar system verification services
  • Continuous commissioning / enhancement

The United States has approximately 220 investor-owned utilities, and nearly ten times as many municipal utilities. These consumer-owned, city departments are often prime candidates for the innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy services offered by EcoMotion.

EcoMotion is rooted in utility services. Ted Flanigan worked internally for both the New York Power Authority and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. He has consulted for over 100 utilities. Our work ranges from portfolio assessment, to strategic planning and program design, to program implementation, and quality control, performance verification, and continuous commissioning.


EcoMotion specializes in solar power, and serving as an “honest broker” of this renewable technology. We have solar expertise from policy development, designing utility and city programs, and managing projects and programs, to inspecting systems. We’ve taken teams of city officials on international study tours to learn about solar and effective policies for its deployment.

EcoMotion offers independent consulting services as “owner’s representative” to help cities, as well as companies, institutions, and campuses, develop solar strategies and build projects. Our team provides comprehensive energy and capacity, rate offset, and financial savings analysis. We then provide full-term project management services to get solar on the roof — or on the ground, as the case may be!

Despite increased attention and press about the benefits of renewable energy, very few business owners or facilities managers have had first-hand experience buying or leasing a solar system. EcoMotion is ready to help fill this gap in understanding. And we do not represent any manufacturer or contractor, and we are careful not to overstate this promising technology’s current and applied performance.

EcoMotion has worked with hundreds of city facilities, as well as homeowners, schools, and major corporations. Our team has worked with dozens of solar contractors, building a database of their special skills and strengths.

In the City of Santa Monica, we have managed the Solar Santa Monica program for seven years. In Anaheim, we install “Solar Flags” at elementary schools to teach young students about solar and its potential. In Burbank and Anaheim, we inspect solar systems for the city-owned utilities. We also offer demonstration solar projects for cities through corporate partnerships.

The EcoMotion Suite of Solar Services


  • Tracking legislative and regulatory developments
  • Preparing testimony as a party to regulatory proceedings
  • Introducing legislation to promote solar in California

Project Planning

  • Conceptual planning and design: Aesthetics, functionality
  • Management education: Solar incentives, technologies, industry trends
  • Community solar plant advocacy, program design, fulfillment

Site Analysis

  • Rooftop analysis: Condition, tilt, orientation, etc.
  • 365 day shading analysis
  • Ownership/use analysis and opportunities

Proposal/Project Review

  • Technical equipment reviews, analysis
  • Assistance with module, inverter, racking, conduits
  • Bill analysis and rate structure offset
  • Special conditions (local ordinances, CCNRs, historical, SEC, FAA, etc.)

Financial Analysis

  • Solar production estimates
  • Net cost analysis (CSI incentives, tax credits, NEM)
  • Verification of returns
  • Lease and PPA reviews: cost, term, buy-out, escalators

Project Management

  • Comprehensive service through design, engineering, and installation
  • Request for proposal development and bid analysis
  • Weekly project facilitation, reporting, flagging key issues
  • Expert electrical third party reviews, field inspections during construction
  • Quality control

Public Relations

  • Ribbon-cuttings with city officials
  • Press releases
  • Articles in trade journals
  • Communications with employees and building occupants
  • Photographic documentation throughout

Inspections and Ongoing Monitoring

  • Solar system inspections (utility and electrical)
  • Five-year third party system monitoring
  • Alarms and field recommendations


EcoMotion has been developing Greenhouse Gas Inventories since 1991 when Ted Flanigan was a member of the original Urban CO2 Reduction Project of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). This work included the first European inventories (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Ankara, Saarbrucken, and Hannover) and the first North American inventories including Portland, Oregon.

Since then ICLEI has fully developed the CACP software, easing the inventory process with agreed-upon protocols and accounting methods. In the past few years, EcoMotion has prepared GHG inventories for 9 cities and one tribe: Palm Desert, Brea, Blythe, Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs, Indian Wells, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, and Indio, and the Agua Caliente Tribe of Cahuilla Indians. In each case, over 100-pages of technical documentation supports the inventory, as does the EcoMotion team, at the ready to interpret its results as a precursor to effective climate action planning.


EcoMotion has provided my City with cutting-edge energy efficiency and solar services for several years. The EcoMotion team is top-notch, friendly, and effective.”

Richard Bloom, Mayor,
City of Santa Monica

EcoMotion provides climate action planning services for cities and other jurisdictions. We prepare greenhouse gas inventories, we facilitate internal and community processes, and we write detailed plans that serve as plausible road maps for cost-effective emissions reductions.

Our climate planning services are essential for cities and local governments seeking to comply with emissions regulations. Hundreds of carbon mitigation measures are considered, energy and water efficiency programs and initiatives are emphasized, and portfolios of measures are crafted in phases, customized for the community, and measurable.

Throughout the process, EcoMotion bundles technology and financing. This helps cities, working in collaboration with residents and businesses, reduce their footprints while harvesting cost-effective investments that benefit the community. We’re at the forefront of net-zero initiatives, financing, regional collaborations, and preparations for cap and trade.

EcoMotion also prepares Energy Action Plans for cities. These plans provide detailed information at both the overall community and municipal government levels. The plans detail current use of electricity, natural gas, and transportation fuels — for fleets and employee commuting — and then present customized menus of policies and specific efficiency measures to accomplish stated energy and dollar-saving goals.


EcoMotion is especially proud of the diversity of our municipal clients. We relish the challenge of gaining an understanding of new communities, just as we appreciate the working relationships that these projects necessitate and afford.