Sierra-Rio-588x784Sierra Flanigan provides motivational speeches on campuses in New England and California for students, faculty, and campus administrators. She brings a wealth of best practices to each presentation. In 2012, and thanks to her passion for sustainability and Harvard Toastmaster training, she gave two presentations at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Michael-Ware-588x421EcoMotion’s Michael Ware has become one of Southern California’s most respected solar advisors, specializing in rate offsets and financial analysis. A former Hollywood screen writer, his speaking style is at once informative, welcoming, and fun! EcoMotion, thanks to Michael’s leadership, is known as “the honest broker” of solar power.


December-2008-Korea-156-392x294EcoMotion President, Ted Flanigan, has extensive experience in public speaking, delivering addresses across the United States and in many countries around the world. Lincoln Park , Earth Day 20 Chicago, and 20,000 people at center stage. The closing keynote for the Asian Clean Energy Expo in the Philippines. Keynote speaker for the MIT Environmental Colloquium; at the Aspen Institute.

He has been consistently rated high among his peers at conferences for his presentation style and bold content, an edge he claims comes from years of performing music on stage. What will fuel the future? What are you — an an individual — willing to do to make a difference? How can we each Save a Ton of CO2 to lessen our total footprint?

His current presentations are sobering while highly motivational, including “the Great Climate Challenge and Opportunity,” “Screaming Past Net Zero,” the “Realities of Effective Solar Policies,” “Riding the Wave of Green Careers,” and “Iceland’s Carbon and Energy Transformation.”