The City of Beverly Hills is demonstrating leadership. Now 100 years old, a special commission has been formed to contemplate the next 100 years. Sustainability will inevitably be a major driver in the next century. Just how can the City mitigate its footprint? How can it do so most cost-effectively?

Enter EcoMotion, hired to a) do a detailed financial analysis of the actual performance of the current solar system at Civic Center, and b) to prepare a detailed analysis of all the City’s opportunities for solar on municipal facilities, from its Santa Monica parking garages to its public works yard. EcoMotion’s solar team will visit each site to determine its solar potential, and will gain access to the City’s power bills to determine rate offset opportunities. Using the OnGrid solar financial analysis tool, EcoMotion will present financial options for the City, from cash deals to third party financing using power purchase agreements.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of a planned solar solicitation will be a request of bidders for City solar projects to provide a discounted price for all Beverly Hills residents and businesses. By doing so, the City hopes to “get its own house in order,” while providing an exciting opportunity for all residents and businesses to follow suit.

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