Comprehensive Solar Consulting Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority – Los Angeles, CA

Since 2013, EcoMotion has supported TRC Engineering to serve as the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s solar consultant. Metro owns the world’s largest clean-burning bus fleet, has rather massive bus and train yards and maintenance facilities, large park and ride lots, a light rail system growing throughout Los Angeles that includes stations as well as rights of way, and now Union Station. There are clearly lots of places to further integrate solar intro the Metro system.

EcoMotion’s solar consulting has many facets. We began by examining properties and sites and rate offsets for solar, building a database of solar opportunities. EcoMotion was retained by Metro to track the development of LADWP’s pilot feed-in tariff program and to position projects for submittal as warranted. More recently, and after planning and coordination, we supported Metro in issuing an RFP for solar installations at four Metro “divisions,” large maintenance facilities that have both flat and ample roofs and high power use and demand.

Currently our team is involved with a) repair of the existing systems, b) furthering the training of maintenance personnel at Metro – through trainings, refreshers, competitions, and a ten-part series of video instructions – c) developing community solar, and d) and solar canopies for bus yards.