EcoMotion at Cathay Bank

EcoMotion was appimg_1405roached by Cathay Bank some years ago. The Bank had been given four good-looking proposals for solar, all very different. The Bank liked all the vendors and reached out to EcoMotion for expertise. We served as the Bank’s Owner’s Rep, ultimately saving the Bank tens of thousands of dollars by developing a preferred solar configuration of the Bank’s nearly 300-spot parking lot, and reissuing a request for proposals.

The 2016 Solar Innovation Tour group is off the bus and we gather in the shade of the 423 kW carport system.  Kenny tells about the Bank’s decision to go solar and some of the nuances of the job. An early design didn’t match the clean and refined architectural standards of the new Bank headquarters. The Bank’s management wanted show off solar, but in a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing way. Gensler architects were brought into the design process.

Gensler had recently designed the building’s retrofit when the Bank moved in, and provided invaluable design assistance. It had introduced the chevron-shape to the building’s design. The Bank wanted to maintain a clean look throughout and the installation there now is a beautiful addition, complementing the building architecture.

The steel I-beams that form the solar-ports are clad in metal, creating a smooth surface. No wires are visible under the panels. Wires are collected in “hat channels.” The underside of the solar ports just show off the solar with no mess. The conduits are concealed by the clad supports and run underground to the DC disconnects lined up at the side of the lot.  The group elevates to the roof with its great views of these award-winning, chevron-shaped solar ports. There’s a nice cool breeze… the panels have just been cleaned.