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Irvine, CA November 9, 2010

EcoMotion Completes Sustainability Plan for Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc.

Plan builds on Jorgensen’s 50-year track record of maintenance management

Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc. began in 1961 as a specialist in roadway maintenance and then expanded into facilities. Today, the company continues to focus on protecting and maximizing asset values for its clients.

Jorgensen turned to EcoMotion to help frame up and draft the plan.

“Developing an internal Sustainability Plan allows us to clarify our historical commitment to sustainability and to inform our clients and community about our management of environmental impact,” said John Jorgensen, Sr. President and Chairman of the Board.

Per Ted Flanigan, President of EcoMotion, Jorgensen’s desire for a plan fits perfectly into EcoMotion’s concept for Corporate Greening Services.

“Companies know they need to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability as a guide to employees, customers and shareholders,” said Flanigan. “What we do is help them document where in the process they are starting, and identify action steps to take toward their goals.”

The Greening Service relies on developing strong lines of communication between EcoMotion and the client company. Typically, the steps toward developing a plan include:

  • Uncovering the real purpose of the plan
  • Identifying the audience for the plan, whether it be internal or external
  • Establishing the starting point for the plan
  • Setting long-term goals
  • Laying out immediate action steps to start the process

“Jorgensen was particularly easy to work with,” said Virginia Nicols, primary author of the plan. “Management was eager to get the project completed and had already done a lot of the necessary background work. Our role was to pull together their many good ideas into a comprehensive, cohesive document that will serve as a useful tool to better define their daily work.”

About Jorgensen:

For over 40 years, Jorgensen has focused entirely on the field of maintenance management. The early years of the firm were dedicated primarily to consulting for organization reviews, staffing studies, and the development of maintenance management systems. Throughout the 1960s and to this day, Jorgensen pioneers innovative approaches to planning, organizing, directing, and controlling maintenance work.


EcoMotion and its principals have assisted with sustainability planning and project facilitation for cities, corporations and campuses in California and other states. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, the company delivers cost-effective greening solutions by applying communications and technical expertise to help clients define and achieve their goals.

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