EcoMotion Delivers Solar 101 Webinar for the Association of College and University Housing Officers

Michael Ware, EcoMotion’s Solar Specialist, presented a webinar on Feb 20th for the Association of College and University Housing Officers International (ACUHO-I). The webinar covered the basics of solar, and how to develop projects that make sense on campus buildings, parking lots, and open areas. The webinar came at the request of Trisha Wells who manages buildings at Bowie State University in Maryland for Capstone On-Campus Management, a private housing manager. The webinar was facilitated by Lori Sobota, Education Developer for ACUHOI based in Columbus, Ohio. A 50+ slide deck covers considerable ground, from system sizing, design, components, and degradation, to financing and incentive mechanisms and rate offsets.

EcoMotion serves as the solar consultant for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). Every AASHE member is entitled to up to 8 hours of no-cost, solar consulting. Through that partnership, the webinar was developed and presented. The 45-minute session was followed by 15 minutes of questions and answers. Most questions focused on issues in their own state, like Ohio. According to Michael Ware, “It’s a service we provide that really makes sense. So many people on campuses are excited by solar, and confused about tax credits, depreciation, the qualities of panels, inverters, net metering, and more. We’re set up to help campuses figure out what makes most sense for them.”

The recorded webinar is available to ACUHO-I members on its website. For more information on similar webinars, contact EcoMotion at (310) 560 – 9273.