Title: Campus Sustainability Coordinator

Department: EcoMotion Campus Services (East Coast Team)

Location: Cambridge Innovation Center, One Broadway, 5th floor,
Cambridge, MA 02104

EcoMotion – Campus Sustainability Coordinator

EcoMotion designs and implements sustainability programs for cities, corporations and campuses. Both of EcoMotion’s offices, one located in Los Angeles, California and one located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, work with K-12 schools and higher education institutions. We provide a suite of services ranging from comprehensive sustainability coordination, sustainability planning and policy implementation, operational efficiency and renewable energy expertise, to behavior change programs and community engagement. EcoMotion’s Campus Services is looking for a skilled, entrepreneurial, and passionate individual to join the New England team in managing existing accounts (in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine) and expanding the business. As the business continues to develop, this position will evolve with the Campus Sustainability Coordinator aptitude and capabilities.

Position Overview

The Campus Sustainability Coordinator will report to the Director and the Associate Director of Campus Services in dealing with all business related activity including: project management and coordination, client relations, campus outreach and engagement, administrative tasks, scheduling, delivering presentations, writing reports and proposals. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in campus sustainability and project management and is highly motivated by their passions.


– Project management for campus accounts
– On/off campus communications with campus stakeholders, relationship management
– Campus sustainability assessment and strategy
– Student engagement and leadership
– Team building, campus coordination
– Sustainability and climate action planning
– Campus carbon calculations
– Cost-benefit analysis for various projects and initiatives
– Data visualization and support in publishing white papers
– Calendar scheduling and management
– Phone and email outreach
– Event and campaign organizing
– Partnership building
– Reporting and presentations
– Engaging with the broader field of campus sustainability through calls and emails
– Blogging and social media


– Excellent verbal and written communication
– Highly organized, attention to detail, strong time management skills
– Flexible attitude with a penchant for collaborative work
– Strong leadership capability
– Strong financial aptitude
– Familiarity with energy efficiency and renewables
– Graphic design experience preferred
– Proficiency with Microsoft office (including Excel) and social media

To Apply:

Send resume and a cover letter via email to Sierra Flanigan, Director of Campus Services and copy Ted Flanigan, President and Talia Arnow, Associate Director of Campus Services.

Cover letters should answer the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in EcoMotion’s Campus Sustainability Coordinator position?
  • What past experiences have you had working with or outside of the campus sustainability sector that make you a qualified candidate for this job?
  • What skills and qualifications do you bring to the table that set you apart from other candidates?

Contact Information

Ted Flanigan, President of EcoMotion
(949) 450-7155

Sierra Flanigan, Director of Campus Services
(949) 303-8433

Talia Arnow, Associate Director of Campus Services
(914) 260-7686

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