EcoMotion Trains LA Metro on Preventative Maintenance for Solar Systems

EcoMotion serves as LA Metro’s solar advisor and facilitates the installation and successful operation of solar power systems at Metro buildings. To ensure that Metro gets the most possible benefit from its systems, ongoing preventative maintenance is required. And to spur maintenance, EcoMotion’s solar specialists periodically travel to Metro Divisions to teach comprehensive classes about solar systems and their maintenance to Metro Maintenance and Operations professionals. Each five-hour PV Maintenance training is based off four slide decks that provide a comprehensive review of the history of solar, how photovoltaic systems work, safety, and preventative maintenance. Each training also features roof-top, hands-on PV experience. Courses also encourage feedback from the Metro team regarding their experiences with the solar systems, maintenance challenges they foresee, and how to best fit preventative maintenance into their work routines. This allows EcoMotion to know what additional information or tools are required to support the Metro staff.

The class is engaging and interactive. So far, EcoMotion has provided eight such trainings. EcoMotion’s Senior Solar Specialist Troy Strand leads the class and answers the many questions participants have about solar systems. His expertise allows everyone to delve into details as he shares his breadth of experience. (Some say he is “unstump-able” in Q&A mode!) He focuses on how to perform preventative maintenance safely, and regularly. Online monitoring systems are reviewed, with a focus on quick alerts to identify failures expeditiously. As the training wraps up, participants discuss next best steps for implementing a full maintenance plan. While Metro staff determines how these new skills will be put to use, EcoMotion Solar Specialists are available for ongoing support as new questions or issues arise. These training courses and long-term maintenance plans allow Metro to have the greatest possible return on its investments in solar power.

To watch EcoMotion’s tutorials for field maintenance technicians to use as a guide for preventative maintenance and inspection for Metro solar systems, click here: