EcoMotion welcomes two new interns in New England, Helen Petty from Boston University and Jessica May Vickers from Bryant University.

Helen Petty

Helen Petty is a junior at Boston University studying Environmental Analysis & Policy and International Relations. After working on farms in various countries, she developed a passion for agriculture and the culture that surrounds it. Post-graduation she hopes to work on developing rooftop gardens throughout the Boston area.

From a young age Helen has been working and learning about environmental programs when she joined her elementary school’s club Aqua Eagles. This club works with fifth graders to raise horseshoe crabs, trout, shad, and other aquatic life to help revive the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Her interest in environmental education began in high school Helen returned to work with the new Agua Eagles and keep enthusiasm about nature ignited in this age group. She’s excited to be interning with EcoMotion and learning about sustainability programs while helping develop them.

Jessica May Vickers

EcoMotion’s Jessica May Vickers from Montrose, Colorado is majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Business Management at Bryant University. Her passion includes the integration of sustainability initiatives into communities, campuses and corporations. She is a Campus Sustainability Intern in EcoMotion’s Campus Services division in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Most recently, she’s been admitted to Columbia University for graduate school.

Jessica is an active member of the new Sustainability Ambassadors program at Bryant University. She was elected Vice President of the Scientific Community Initiative and continues to strive for leadership positions to increase stakeholder engagement to enact positive change in the Bryant Community.

At EcoMotion, her primary focus is assisting the EcoMotion Campus Services division by raising awareness and educating fellow students regarding ongoing sustainability competitions including Recyclemania and Campus Conservation Nationals. Jessica focuses on using project management skills to increase communication and collaboration amongst the different organizations on campus.

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