This past week, and at the request of City Councilmember and former Mayor Christina Shea, EcoMotion’s President Ted Flanigan briefed the Irvine City Council on the City of Irvine’s opportunities for Advanced Energy Storage. The 15-minute briefing featured a slide show depicting advances in storage, the lithium revolution, and strategic options for energy storage deployment.

Flanigan explained that like the Irvine Company – which recently announced a 10 MW storage partnership with Southern California Edison and Advanced Microgrid Solutions – the City’s storage options run from cash purchases, to leases backed with performance guarantees, to partnerships involving regional voltage support for the Southern California Edison grid, now absent the 2,250 MW San Onofre nuclear reactors.

To view the presentation, follow this link and advance the 4-hour proceeding to the 2:50 mark. For more information on briefings on storage for large commercial and institutional customers, contact EcoMotion.

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