Energy Resilience: Batteries and Microgrids

Hosted by City of Santa Monica, Office of Sustainability and the Environment:

Are you considering installing solar and batteries for your home or business? If so, you are contemplating what the energy industry calls a “microgrid.” Battery storage and microgrid systems will become increasingly more important for ensuring energy resilience, reducing energy use, reducing greenhouse gasses, and reducing utility infrustrucure costs.

This presentation will cover the benefits of installing solar with energy storage and how today’s technology is giving property owners energy independence. A microgrid will not only allow you to keep your desired appliances and electronics powered during a grid outage, it can actually be a smart investment. Microgrids enable property owners to manage the electricity they generate, store, and use in a way that benefits them economically (responding to time-of-use rates and demand charges) as well as providing critical power during outages.

Join us on Friday, July 28th, 2017!

Come early and stick around after the presentation to meet renewable energy and energy storage vendors.

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