Energy Storage The Irvine Ranch Water District – Irvine, California

The Irvine Ranch Water District retained EcoMotion in late 2015 to a) evaluate the efficacy of the 13-site energy storage proposal at hand, and b) to support IRWD in the contract negotiations for the performance-based project. To support the first analysis, EcoMotion has used site interval data, Energy Toolbase modeling, and financial analysis to “reverse engineer” likely system savings. The California Self Generation Incentive Program requires a two-hour discharge capability; the Local Capacity Requirements program has a four-hour dispatch requirement. Studying building loads, how advanced energy storage will offset peak energy and demand charges, has led to a plausible analysis of system savings.

Another aspect of the investigation involved ancillary services, and the potential for the battery systems to be used for additional benefits and for additional revenue. During contract negotiations, EcoMotion was instrumental in pushing for economic guarantees and determining the values of multiple revenue streams for the storage systems capitalizing on customer, utility, and grid benefits.