Energy Storage White Paper: “The Lithium-Ion, Hybrid Building Revolution”

EcoMotion is pleased to announce a new white paper on Energy Storage and the role of lithium in the hybrid-electric building revolution. The paper documents the longstanding quest for effective electricity storage, seven forms of storage from flywheels to compressed air, and the rise of battery-based storage systems for consumer, utility, and grid benefits. For consumers, storage allows for a means of hedging against rising demand charges. Just as consumers now have means to cut energy costs — through efficiency and renewables — now they have a means of reducing demand charges. For utilities, storage is a new form of distributed capacity that can be effectively dispatched.  For grids, distributed energy systems provide new means to provide balancing, “spinning reserve,” frequency regulation, and voltage support. The white paper presents a primer on lithium — the lightest metal, alas a flammable one — different business models stacking battery services, and a checklist of consumers keen on screening their own facilities for cost-effective storage deployments. The 21-page white paper complements a slide-show presentation by Ted Flanigan titled, “The Lithium and Hybrid-Electric Building Revolution.” To download without charge, click here! EcoMotion ‘s mission is the cost-effective greening of cities, corporations, and campuses. We’re an owner’s rep… helping to find beneficial arrangements for our clients. Currently we are working with Irvine Ranch Water District and three California school districts on battery-based storage solutions. Don’t miss any of EcoMotion’s White Papers…sign up here.