Exploring Metro Division 13

image1div13_aerialFor the past four years, EcoMotion has served as Metro’s solar consultant. We’ve evaluated its thousands of parcels of land for solar, doing “deep dives” of analysis into the most promising sites, including each of its maintenance divisions. They are large facilities that service both buses and trains. Metro has about 3 megawatts of installed solar capacity, all now in tip-top shape thanks to EcoMotion and Skybridge Renewables.
Metro’s brand-new maintenance division, across the street from Union Station, is unusual and visually appealing. It is known as Division 13. It looks like no other Metro maintenance division; a multi-level facility with downstairs bus maintenance and upstairs bus parking. It is orange, with both rooftop solar and a major solar array on its south wall. The facade-mounted system has unusual racking, slightly cantilevered out, providing an interesting architectural detail.
The facility is just in front of the County’s Twin Towers jail and Metro’s Central Maintenance Division. During EcoMotion’s Solar Innovation Tour, Evan Rosenberg from Metro explains that the multi-block area is slated for increasing urbanization and development, including Union Station and a high-speed rail terminus.  Given this, Metro was trying to create a facility look that is modern and that blends in. He shows the group the unique solar system, explains Metro’s role with renewables, and ends our full-day tour on its green roof.