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Anaheim, CA July 24, 2009

First of Ten Anaheim Elementary Schools Gets its “Solar Flag”

EcoMotion Installs 1 kW Demonstration Solar Power System at First Congregational Church

As part of Anaheim Public Utilities’ “Sun Power for the Schools” program, EcoMotion has completed the installation of a 1-kW, pole-mounted solar power system – the “Solar Flag” – in the play yard at First Congregational Church of Anaheim. On August 23 the entire school community celebrated its latest campus addition with a kick-off featuring student art and activities as well as information for parents on how they can “take solar home.”

“We’re excited to have the first system up and running,” said Pastor Jim Schibsted, who spoke to his congregation that day about environmental stewardship. “We’re only too aware that the next generation will be facing big energy challenges – and we want them to know how solar fits into the solution.”

Anaheim will be witnessing similar installations and kick-off parties at nine other elementary schools. EcoMotion helped develop the process by which “winning” schools were selected from over 70 candidates, based on interest and site possibilities. Teachers at the schools have begun to receive special training and recommendations on how to build science, math and language projects around the Solar Flag.

“Anaheim has always had a strong commitment to solar,” said Ted Flanigan, EcoMotion President. “And EcoMotion has had a strong commitment to education. We were excited to be picked to become part of their team on the Solar Flag program, along with training expert, Tor Allen of Solar Schoolhouse.”

The installation process has been a deliberate one. “Working at a school has special challenges with regards to safety and security, as at any public site,” admitted Flanigan. “But these solar systems have the potential of truly inspiring a whole generation of students – and their parents. We see this as a tremendous win-win for the entire community.”

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