Greening, from Operations to Sales Lantronix – Irvine, California

Lantronix is a global leader in secure communications technologies, specializing in remote access and control of all kinds of electronic devices. Lantronix is California-based with a global channel presence that extends through Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Australia. To strategize on its current operations and new product opportunities, EcoMotion brought together a team of experts including Consulting Stable members Chris Prelitz and Al Pipkin. How its products are manufactured, packaged, and reclaimed or discarded were all on the table. The company was in the process of relocating its operations, in a good position to demand heightened levels of efficiency in its new facilities. EcoMotion also provided strategic planning services, delving into current product manufacturing and placement, and exploring future product lines in line with the green movement. Of particular interest was the use of Lantronix’s remote communications for renewable energy system monitoring and billing, specifically for solar in distributed generation configurations.