Halogen Torchiere Trade-In Programs – Irvine, Santa Monica, Corona Brea, Palm Desert, and Moreno Valley

EcoMotion’s principals are credited with having designed and run some of the nation’s largest replacement programs. In collaboration with the cities of Irvine, Santa Monica, Moreno Valley, and Corono, our team managed hundreds of volunteers, coordinated with police and fire departments, and the news, and successfully ran some of California’s largest halogen torchiere trade-in programs. Truckloads of products were distributed, dumpsters of inefficient produce was removed.

In each case, halogen torchieres were collected and recycled and replaced with efficient and safe compact fluorescent counterparts. In each case, 250 watts of lighting energy were replaced with 60 watts, cutting power and air conditioning requirements. At Irvine City Hall, EcoMotion’s principals managed a trade-in event with eight lanes of traffic and thousands of participants claiming the payloads of several tractor-trailer trucks full of efficient product. In most cases, fire departments were on hand to support the replacement of dangerous halogen torchieres, lamps that have a sorry history of house fires in America.

EcoMotion has also distributed other efficient products, from lamps to desktop and standing fans, showerheads, and more. In Cathedral City, known for its oppressive high summer temperatures, we distributed window fans using a City Public Works flatbed, a highly popular event.