LeFiell Manufacturing Calls on EcoMotion Solar

LeFiell Manufacturing of Santa Fe Springs, California has called on EcoMotion to provide solar consulting services. This aviation manufacturer – known for its aerospace manufacturing – is keen on going solar and sought out a Subject Matter Expert to verify the solar deal on the table.

EcoMotion’s Solar Team begins with a review of the two proposals it has in hand for a large rooftop solar system there. The first was submitted by SolarCity and subsequently withdrawn. A second proposal was presented by PermaCity Solar. Our team will also access LeFiell’s utility records, including rate schedules and interval data that measures 15-minute consumption.

LeFiell chose the PPA option since it is an employee-owned company, and is thus tax exempt. EcoMotion will review the recent PPA for LeFiell in its entirety, with a focus on:

  • The System Configuration (rooftop and solar ports)
  • The Power Purchase Agreement price
  • Assignment of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Any Escalation Factor assigned to the PPA price
  • Performance Guarantee (PeGu), min and max values
  • Remedies in the event that the PeGu is not achieved
  • Maintenance Proposed/Included?
  • Buy-Out Provisions

EcoMotion’s Solar Team visited LeFiell in mid-February to be clear on the mission at hand. We met with the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Financial Officer. Within a matter of weeks, our team will provide initial comments on the deal at hand and any next steps in negotiation. We’ll also explore LeFiell employees’ option to finance the PPA.