Millbrook School on the Path to Carbon Neutrality… 100% Solar Powered

For the past 18 months, EcoMotion has served as the carbon neutrality consultant for Millbrook School in Millbrook, New York.  This has involved developing a three-phase plan to a) invest in energy efficiency in all 43 school buildings, b) to install a 1.73 MW solar system to power 100% of the School’s electricity needs (including the new dorm and increased geothermal), c) to increase geothermal capacity dramatically with a central system for the campus, and d) to investigate a biofuels plant to create liquid fuels for transportation and other applications. No purchases of Renewable Energy Credits are in the plan. Currently, the solar system’s racking is complete, 76 inverters are in place, and 40% of the system’s photovoltaic panels are installed. SolarCity expects the system to be complete in June and interconnection complete in July. Note that the school engaged in a Power Purchase Agreement for the solar system’s output over 20 years, with no money down, a zero percent solar price escalator, projected first year savings of $35,000, and 20-year savings of nearly $1 million.