Millbrook School Selects EcoMotion as Solar Advisor


Contact: Ted Flanigan, President, EcoMotion

(949) 450-7155,

Irvine, CA October 3, 2012


EcoMotion Selected by Millbrook School to Guide Solar Project

As the cost of solar installations continues to come down, and interest in clean energy mounts, Millbrook School, in Millbrook, New York, has engaged EcoMotion as Client Representative for installation of a solar photovoltaic system at the school. Having received a number of solar proposals, and with awareness on campus running high, Jane Meigs, Conservation Education Director, Science Department, sought out EcoMotion to make sure the school is heading in the right direction.

“Our Carbon Neutrality Planning Committee sees solar as a major driver of its Climate Action Plan that will help us reach our goal of carbon neutrality,” says Meigs. “Still, we need guidance to set our climate action priorities, and we want to be sure that we don’t make a decision that would end up costing the school instead of benefitting it.”

EcoMotion, with offices in California and New York, has served as independent solar advisor to a number of major corporations and school districts. According to Ted Flanigan, President, EcoMotion will provide a number of services to Millbrook, including:

  •  Solar site analysis and potential interconnection points with the existing grid
  •  Determination of optimal system size and location
  •  Analysis of solar financing arrangements, with Federal and New York State incentives, and their impact over time
  •  Preparation of a comprehensive Request for Proposals from bidders and evaluation of responses
  •  Continuous oversight of final design, permitting and construction process

Per Flanigan, EcoMotion’s recommendations will also take into consideration any planned energy efficiency initiatives. Plus, EcoMotion’s student engagement services can make sure that the solar system is integrated into both campus and community life.

“People find solar exciting,” says Flanigan. “It can serve as a uniquely visible demonstration of Millbrook’s green commitment.”


EcoMotion, headquartered in Irvine, CA, provides business greening services including greenhouse gas inventories, demonstration project management, and energy program design for organizations across the country. As independent “Owner’s Representative,” EcoMotion offers solar feasibility studies and solar project management for cities, campuses and corporations.