EcoMotion Conversations: A Conversation with Michael Totten

EcoMotion Conversations give you a chance to listen to the ideas and insights of leading Green Thinkers. We will be asking questions and learning more about how these environmental and sustainability leaders approach and think about their work. We hear enough bad news about our planet and this podcast doesn’t focus on that. These conversations are about the ideas that will lead us to a sustainable future.  


Today, Ted Flanigan interviews Michael Totten, an author, speaker and 40-year advocate promoting a solar powered economy and sustainably flourishing planet, highlighted in his publications, Promoting Sustainable Planetary Prosperity, and Climate for Life. He heads, promoting Internet of Networks for sustainability initiatives, and working with numerous groups, including Jeremy Rifkin’s Third Industrial Revolution initiative in Europe, WWF’s Market Transformation initiative, Rocky Mountain Institute, and Conservation International. works to harness and leverage local human and social capital, ultimately to access financial capital and achieve emission-free cities and rural communities. Working in the U.S. Congress, Totten drafted the 12-title bill, Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989 (HR1079).  Totten later headed the Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology (CREST), producing digital interactive multimedia resources and Internet tools and apps. Totten received ADPSR’s 1999 Lewis Mumford Award, is a graduate of Yale University, and currently lives in Denver, CO.