Solar Flags for Schools – Sponsored by the City of Anaheim, CA

For the City of Anaheim’s electric utility – Anaheim Public Utilities – EcoMotion managed the selection of elementary school sites and the installation of eight, 1 kW AC “Solar Flags” as a demonstration project. At each site, EcoMotion organized “solar rallies” that involved the entire school, performances, songs, and celebration. Just as the American flag reminds us each and every day of our great country, the Solar Flags bring renewable energy onto the campus as an everyday reminder for students and teachers of the power of the sun, and the promise of a truly sustainable society. EcoMotion program enhancements include website monitoring and ongoing teacher training.

And imagine the leverage of such a program! EcoMotion engaged Rahus Institute and developed a simple solar curriculum to accompany the Flags. “Have you had a solar conversation with your parents?” “Got a good, sunny roof?” Students go home and check it out with their parents. “Got a power bill?” While the Solar Flags on eight Anaheim campuses are small in terms of solar generating capacity, their message is profound as it extended into the community.