Spain 2008 Solar Research Tour – Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Alicante, Barcelona

EcoMotion and Solar Energy International joined forces in 2008 and at the height of the Spanish feed-in tariffs for solar, EcoMotion arranged a tour for municipal leaders from California to visit Spain and to learn from leading policy makers, business leaders, and academicians while visiting research facilities and cutting-edge solar sites. With the highest solar insolation levels in all of Europe, and high feed-in tariff incentives, Spain surged in 2008 to the number two position in the world in solar installations after Germany.

The Spain 2008 Solar Research Tour started in Madrid then continued over the course of a week to Seville and Alicante to end in Barcelona. Following EcoMotion tradition, the group travelled by train and public transportation. Days were full, with different guided tours, presentations by leading professional industry groups and researchers.