Sustainability Planning Roy Jorgensen Associates – Buckystown, Maryland

EcoMotion’s Sustainability Plan developed for Roy Jorgensen Associates in 2010, built nicely on Jorgensen’s 50-year track record of maintenance management. Roy Jorgensen Associates began in 1961 as a specialist in roadway maintenance and then expanded into facilities. To this day, the company focuses on protecting and maximizing asset values for its clients. Jorgensen turned to EcoMotion to help frame up and draft the plan.

According to its President and Chairman, John Jorgensen, “Developing an internal Sustainability Plan allows us to clarify our historical commitment to sustainability and to inform our clients and community about our management of environmental impact.”

The Plan presents corporate goals in four major areas of the business, with immediate action steps for each key area, to cut energy, water, waste, and other critical materials. The Plan was a supplier requirement of its Facilities Management Division’s primary corporate client, Toyota. The Plan also demonstrates and codifies Jorgensen’s commitment to sustainability for employees, customers, and shareholders. It documents baseline conditions, and identifies action steps to take toward its goals.