Ted Flanigan Speaks at DeCarbonizing California: 2020 – 2050, Hosted by Climate Resolve

Climate Resolve is Southern California’s leading climate protection organization, and its DeCarbonizing California conference was a testament to its role in rallying key California stakeholders. Why? Post 2020, and by 2050, there’s lots to be done. Climate protection has to jump to a new level. California has pledged to reduce its emissions by 80% from 1990 levels.nhus the hundreds gathered at University of Southern California are committed, were inspired, and go forth to work collectively to make California’s “stretch goals” an enviable reality.

EcoMotion’s President, Ted Flanigan, was pleased to present “Energy Efficiency as the First Step in Decarbonizing California,” 60-slide deck. The presentation focused on the critical nexus between technological and behavioral aspects of net zero use, the power of the Emissions Time Bomb as a motivational display, how EcoMotion is helping Millbrook School in New York go carbon neutral, and Climate Smart Schools, a partnership between EcoMotion and Climate Resolve focused on helping schools in Southern California go green, saving energy, money, while protecting the environment. Sharing the podium with David Jacot, Director of Efficiency Solutions for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the role of efficiency as a least-cost, quick-impact, scalable carbon mitigation resource was clear.