EcoMotion’s YouTube channel now posts Ted Flanigan’s recent interview with Reba Toney, host of the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Joy in Our Town” program. TBN, at 40 years old, is the world’s largest religious network. Its 24-hour commercial-free programming is featured on over 5,000 TV stations around the world.

Taped in Tustin, California, TBN called on Flanigan’s expertise to discuss the decision to permanently close the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and how this affects Southern Californians. The second segment focused on the rise of electric vehicles.

Watch it now here:

San Onofre’s closure calls for regional and community steps to offset the loss of about 5% of the state’s peak demand. Practical actions, such as drawing west-facing drapes on hot summer days, avoiding use of laundry and dishwashers during peak periods, all make sense, and save dollars and cents. These measures, as well as advanced technologies, also cut greenhouse gases, and lessen our carbon footprint.

“We don’t want a lesser quality of life,” Flanigan emphasized. “That’s not sustainable. What we want is a better quality of life while lessening our impact on the planet.” EcoMotion’s focus is on charting strategic and cost-effective steps to save energy and cut carbon while increasing jobs, economic development, and turning operating costs into sound investments.

Joy in Our Town then shifted to mobility. “When will the market be ready for me to buy an EV?” asked Toney. Flanigan smiled, and suggested “Maybe now!” He salutes EV buyers, early adopters, leading the charge to the end-game of carbon-free mobility. “The MPGe of these vehicles is compelling.”

Flanigan cautioned the touted notion that EVs are “emissions free,” stating that in many regions you could aptly call the EV a “coal-fired automobile.” Taking a national perspective, however, EVs clearly provide net environmental benefits. For this segment of “Joy in Our Town,” the message was clear:  Why not be part of the action?


EcoMotion’s mission is the cost-effective greening of cities, corporations, and campuses. EcoMotion is a sustainability consultancy based in California and Massachusetts with tools to help cities, corporations, and campuses go green and cut costs while mitigating climate change.

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