The Solar Alley at Long Beach Airport Long Beach Airport Solar Alley – Long Beach, CA

For New York environmental marketing company, EcoMedia, EcoMotion served as project designer and manager for a high-visibility demonstration solar project in Long Beach, California. Erected over a three-week period, and under challenging, nighttime construction conditions, the Long Beach Airport “Solar Alley” consists of six, 1 kW AC pole-mounted dual-axis trackers ranged near the baggage pick-up. They operate like water ballet… shifting positions in timed concert by degrees throughout the day. Every month, thousands of arriving passengers are greeted by the solar systems and their accompanying signage. The use of Sanyo semi-translucent, bifacial panels provides clear images of the panels as they harvest photons for the airport. Recently, the airport added a new concourse with solar, furthering its commitment to a clean power future at this gateway location.