EcoMotion has been at the forefront of PACE financing, and innovative turnkey services for cities and utilities.

EcoMotion recognizes the importance of financing to augment awareness about energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy systems. EcoMotion has spent years advocating utility on-bill financing, and more recently advocating PACE financing as a “game changer” for consumer investments in energy and carbon reductions.

EcoMotion designed the City of Palm Desert’s AB 811 program, the first program of its kind in the country, and a program that resonated with states coast to coast and consumers looking for dedicated financing at reasonable rates. For cities, PACE can be the most effective means of garnering emissions reductions, at a profit!

We then took Palm Desert’s Energy Independence Program north to Sonoma County where it quickly became the largest program nationwide.

EcoMotion also hosted — in partnership with the City of Palm Desert and the University of California at Riverside — two national conferences on PACE financing.


EcoMotion also offers a number of “turn-key” programs for cities and utilities. These can be implemented readily thanks to EcoMotion’s program tool-kit.

  • Solar Flags for Schools!
  • Equipment Trade-In Programs
  • Energy Efficiency Makeover Programs
  • Community Solar Plants

Engage your community and promote solar through a Solar Flag program in community schools. What about swapping out dangerous and inefficient lamps? Want to educate a million viewers about suitable efficiency retrofits? Is your community ready for a community “solar garden?” Is your city ready to redirect reserve funds – earning less than 2% – toward local 7% investments in efficiency and solar?

EcoMotion’s turn-key programs can be customized for your city, and your budget and your city.