EcoMotion Releases White Paper on Fossil Fuels Divestment Campaigns

As the 21st century continues, issues of climate change and curtailing carbon emissions have hardened in the cement of discussion. The constant stream of abnormal weather conditions, man-made disasters and other climate-related events has also provided the broader environmental movement more attention in the media, from oil spills to record-breaking floods. Perhaps as a result of this increasing collective awareness, a variety of strategies have risen to address issues across society, from an individual to an organizational level. From the White House, President Obama recently halted construction on the Keystone XL pipeline, and with it the massive transport of unrefined tar sands, in a statement that reaffirms the environmental agenda he desires as his legacy. All climate mitigation strategies ultimately seek solutions that improve our relationship to the planet and strengthen a global economy to sustain the Earth’s finite resources as well as its growing population. This white paper explores a piece of the campaign for ecological reform, a tool that has brought radical and necessary change in past application but now stands against a unique and formidable foe: divestment from fossil fuel.

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