The EcoMotion Suite of Solar Services

Project Planning

  • Conceptual planning and design: Aesthetics, functionality
  • Management education: Solar incentives, technologies, industry trends
  • Community solar plant advocacy, program design, fulfillment

Site Analysis

  • Rooftop analysis: Condition, tilt, orientation, etc.
  • 365 day shading analysis
  • Ownership/use analysis and opportunities

Proposal/Project Review

  • Technical equipment reviews, analysis
  • Assistance with module, inverter, racking, conduits
  • Bill analysis and rate structure offset
  • Special conditions (local ordinances, CCNRs, historical, SEC, FAA, etc.)

Financial Analysis

  • Solar production estimates
  • Net cost analysis (CSI incentives, tax credits, NEM)
  • Verification of returns
  • Lease and PPA reviews: cost, term, buy-out, escalators

Project Management

  • Comprehensive service through design, engineering, and installation
  • Request for proposal development and bid analysis
  • Weekly project facilitation, reporting, flagging key issues
  • Expert electrical third party reviews, field inspections during construction
  • Quality control

Public Relations

  • Ribbon-cutting
  • Press releases
  • Articles in trade journals
  • Communications with employees and building occupants
  • Photographic documentation throughout

Inspections and Ongoing Monitoring

  • Solar system inspections (utility and electrical)
  • Five-year third party system monitoring
  • Alarms and field recommendations

EcoMotion has a wealth of experience in solar, from policy development, designing utility and city programs, managing projects and programs, to inspecting systems, and everything in between. We’ve taken teams of experts on international study tours to learn about solar.

EcoMotion offers independent consulting services as “owner’s representative” to help companies, institutions, and campuses develop solar strategies and build projects. Our team provides comprehensive energy and capacity, rate offset, and financial savings analysis. We then provide full-term project management services to get solar on the roof – or on the ground, as the case may be! 

Despite increased attention and press about the benefits of renewable energy, very few business owners or facilities managers have had first-hand experience buying or leasing a solar system. EcoMotion is ready to help fill this gap in understanding.

EcoMotion does not represent any manufacturer or contractor. While we are solar advocates, proponents of incentives and tax benefits, we adhere to the role of “honest broker” of solar for our city, utility, and corporate customers, careful not to overstate this promising technology’s current and applied performance.

In the past six years, EcoMotion has worked with hundreds of homeowners, schools, city facilities, and major corporations. We provide independent analysis and project management services. EcoMotion has also worked with many solar contractors, building a database of their special skills and strength.