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Irvine, CA February 3, 2010

EcoMotion Hosts Korea Delegation on Zero Carbon Fact-Finding Mission

City of Gumi Leaders Gain Perspectives on California and American Energy Policy and Programs

Leading environmental organizations and institutions were the target of a fact-finding delegation arriving in California on January 27, 2010 from the City of Gumi, the Republic of Korea. Headed by the City’s Mayor, Nam Yoo Chin, the 9-member group asked EcoKR, an affiliate of consulting firm EcoMotion, to set up the tour. The trip offered them opportunities to learn from and establish collaborations with some of the area’s foremost sustainability advocates, including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, TreePeople and The Climate Registry. They met with the mayors of San Jose, Palm Desert and Long Beach, and with city representatives from Anaheim, Oakland, and Santa Monica. They also received special briefings from Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison.

According to Ted Flanigan, President of EcoMotion, the tour incorporated specific features to meet Gumi’s unique situation. “Gumi has built a high-tech manufacturing capacity onto its historical foundation as a cultural center,” said Flanigan. “Now the City’s goal is to become a leader in green growth. California has the diverse resources to assist in that work.”

The delegation spent four days in the San Francisco Bay Area, then traveled to Southern California for another four days, meeting all told with 53 different energy professionals.

Throughout the trip, Flanigan and his EcoKR colleagues provided expert perspectives on California and American energy and environmental policy, pricing, programs and technologies. Highlights of the trip included:

  • Discussion of net zero policies
  • City-sponsored solar programs — for the community and for schools
  • AB 811 financing
  • Green buildings (The group toured eight LEED certified buildings.)
  • Stopping waste
  • Transportation including airport design and bike valet
  • Signed Memoranda of Understanding promising future collaboration

EcoMotion has now managed a variety of study tours, from geothermal in Iceland, to efficiency in China, solar in both Germany and Spain, utilities in the Northwest (for a group of Italian executives) and ESCOs in New York (for a group of Japanese). These tours underscore the ever-increasing interest and value in global cooperation on energy issues.


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