The School Energy Coalition is growing in importance, tracking the implementation of Proposition 39 funds on k-12 campuses in California. Its Fall Forums were in Sacramento, Riverside, and Santa Ana. Prop 39 and its implementing legislation SB 73 is a funding source that is bringing billions of dollars to schools in California, specifically for energy efficiency and renewables. The SEC is a trade association of school districts, county offices of education, and vendors.  With Prop 39 Energy Expenditure Plans now submitted, and a number approved, there’s lots to report.Ted Flanigan, as project director of Climate Smart Schools, was asked to present at each of the SEC’s three regional forums. The topic: Prop 39 and Solar PPAs. Why? Flanigan had found, flagged, and confirmed that the special computation for Solar PPA’s cost effectiveness is inconsistent and unreasonably challenging. The SEC, Rick Brown, Marc Roper and others helped spread the word, all of which led to a special meeting between CalSEIA and the presiding California Energy Commission Commissioner McAllister on this issue. There appears to be good news on the horizon in the form of a more fair treatment of Solar PPAs. Flanigan was joined by Rick Brown, President of Terra Verde Renewable Partners, in Riverside and Santa Ana. Rick has been a close colleague and advisor to Climate Smart Schools. He discussed progress with changing the Solar PPA computation, as well as the use of batteries in conjunction with solar on campuses.

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