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Anaheim, CA November 4, 2009

Second Demonstration “Solar Flag” Goes Up In Anaheim

Victory Christian School Celebrates Installation of its 1 kW Solar Power System

As part of Anaheim Public Utilities’ “Sun Power for the Schools” program, EcoMotion has completed the installation of the second of ten pole-mounted solar power systems.

Destined for the campuses of elementary schools throughout the City, the “Solar Flags” are designed to give students, teachers and the entire school community a close-up understanding of the potential of solar power.

On November 4, the entire school joined in a Solar Flag Celebration. Pastor Tony Birge said of the celebration: “I know that the children had a great time and they are excited about learning more about the power of the sun. I know that even beyond the excitement of this morning, there were seeds planted…the dreams and future plans in the minds of these children. Thank you for planting some seeds with us!”

This is the second Solar Flag kick-off. Since the first one, held in August, teachers in the program have had a second day of training led by Tor Allen, of Solar Schoolhouse. The training, also held at Victory Christian, covered a review of electric circuits, creating solar “equipment” including tools to measure elevation and azimuth, and building solar-powered fountains. All teachers in the program have received solar kits complete with small solar panels, wiring, and motors.

“We want students to understand how solar electricity is produced,” said Virginia Nicols, Director of Community Relations at EcoMotion. “But perhaps more important, we want them to understand that in the future, solar will be doing a lot of the work that fossil-fueldriven sources do today.”


Based in Irvine, CA, EcoMotion’s mission is to promote positive change for a healthy, sustainable future. To accomplish its mission, it applies the power of positive example and the power of the increment (many small actions building on other small actions) in the energy-related programs it designs and implements for organizations, cities and utilities.

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