There’s a new app out there for those of you looking to make a change in the world – and it allows you to do so while you read the news or watch a video.  Viewers to Volunteers, the brainchild of CBS EcoMedia Inc, is an inventive platform that allows its users to contribute money towards non-profits without lifting a finger from their phone, and without spending a dime. “V2V is a unique new program that, at its heart, allows every viewer to be a philanthropist, but without spending their own money,” said Paul Polizzotto, longtime friend of Ted Flanigan and EcoMotion.

Available as an app (iOS and Android) and a website, users earn points. The points are then converted into cash value that is donated to the non-profit of your choice by one of Viewers to Volunteers’ sponsors.  Points can be earned in one of three ways: reading an article pertaining to the cause, watching a video related to the cause, or volunteering at one of many V2V-supported events. CBS EcoMedia is collaborating with award-winning writer and documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock to create original content to stream on the app and website. Thus far, over $621,000 has been donated to non-profits dedicated to wellness, education, the environment, and veterans.

Viewers to Volunteers is emblematic of the power of technology and social media to make a true impact on the world. By tapping into people’s daily habits-reading the news, playing games on their phone, V2V enables users to learn about and contribute to causes that matter, while maintaining their daily routine. V2V has truly accomplished their mission statement, “to transform the power of the advertising dollar into an engine for social change.”  Beneficiaries include Meals on Wheels America, Stand Up to Cancer,, and the National Recreation and Parks Association. The major sponsor thus far has been Toyota. In this day and age, when the world is more connected than ever and crucial worldwide issues can be shared by a tap of the finger, it only makes sense to be able to support these issues just as readily, connecting users, corporations, and non-profits and making a positive impact in communities across the nation.

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